About Me

What About Bob

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 48 years experience, primarily in community mental health working with couples and families as a clinician, supervisor and clinical director. My work is grounded in cognitive-behavioral therapy and systems theory with a heavy emphasis on changing dysfunctional patterns and behaviors in everyday life. My style is highly interactive, often humorous, and tends to be short-term — once we figure out what you need to do to better run your life, it's about doing it and then fine-tuning.

I'm also a writer. I've published 13 books, some with several editions. Many have been used in graduate programs not only in the US but in over 15 countries worldwide; several have been translated into Chinese, Portuguese and Persian:

  • Doing Couples Therapy: Craft and Creativity in Work with Intimate Partners
  • Doing Family Therapy: Craft and Creativity in Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Supervision: A Four-Stage Process of Growth and Discovery
  • Clinical Social Work Supervision: Practice & Process
  • Boot Camp Therapy: Action-Oriented Brief Clinical Approaches to Anxiety, Anger & Depression
  • Brief Therapy with Couples & Families in Crisis
  • The Art of the First Session
  • Process-Focused Therapy: Guide to Effective Clinical Outcomes
  • The Therapist's Journey: From Meeting Your First Client to Finding Your Life’s Work

In addition to my books, I've also published over 300 magazine and journal articles, contributed several book chapters including the Encyclopedia of Couple & Family Therapy and Favorite Counseling Techniques: 55 Masters Share Their Secrets which graciously cited me among the top 100 therapists in the country. I also write a regular online column for Psychology Today entitled Fixing Families www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fixing-families, which has over 500 articles and has received over 20 million views, as well as my serving as a contributing expert for several relationship websites. Along the way I've received 3 national writing awards for Best Consumer Health Writing.

I also love to teach. I have provided both online and in-person trainings to clinicians nationally and internationally on couple therapy, family therapy, brief therapy, and clinical supervision.

I'm a graduate of Rutgers University and the University of South Carolina, and have served as adjunct professor at several universities.

I'm currently in private practice in
Charlottesville, Virginia with Lewis Weber & Associates: weberpsychotherapy.com